Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability and Smart Cities

We believe that with the power of the internet anything is possible, which is why we are challenging you (yes, you!) to help us change your community and maybe even the whole world. It starts with an innovative idea to solve problems impacting local organizations; it ends with a hackathon and the opportunity to present your finished product to local businesses and entrepreneurs who can then, in turn, revolutionize with these new tools. 

About Disrupt Week 

Disrupt Puerto Rico is an exciting new week long hackathon and technology festival, being held in the metropolitian area of Puerto Rico. It consists of 7 days of meetups, workshops and speaker sessions at co-working spaces throught the island. We start off the week of events with a 24 hour hackathon / startup pitch competition. The top 3 teams from the hackathon will get the opportunity to pitch their idea in front of the world most elite tech executes, angel investors, software professionals and entrepreneurs at our keynote confrence a week later. 

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Anthony Delgado

Anthony Delgado

 AJ Nora

AJ Nora

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Practicality
  • Disruption